Push Select is over but here’s a free magazine

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It's hard to say goodbye, but we'll see each other again.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but we’ll see each other again.

Push Select is officially coming to an end but as a final swan song to our readers and staff, we present The Best of Push Select: The Magazine.

Consider it a parting gift from us to you, for stopping by to talk about video games, game theory, philosophy and how much the Resident Evil movies sucked (and rocked). It’s been in our url this whole time and now we’ve made good on that promise. I am tremendously proud of what we accomplished in a year and a half, PS produced a heck of a lot of quality content from original artwork, to essays on the aesthetics, heavy game criticism, video game movie reviews, the occasional rant and even a podcast. A bunch of PS writers and articles were even featured across some of the most prestigious gaming criticism sites around the internet. We definitely caused a stir, made people think and even got a few others downright angry. All told, we have done a lot of things I thought were impossible or just really, really difficult, and that makes us mighty.

Looking back it seems Push Select began in this strange period in our lives when we all had more time, and now it seems spare evenings to sit and write about video games is in shorter and shorter supply. So we feel this is our opportunity to take what we’ve learned and tackle new endeavors. Not that we leave empty handed of course, thanks to The Best of Push Select Magazine.  Thanks again for sharing this dream of taking video games seriously and thank you most of all to the writers and readers, whose humorous, thoughtful, sometimes controversial though often brilliant thoughts made Push Select what it was.

See you soon!